Below is a selection of some of the comments from our visitors’ book.


Many entries reflect the shock and the horror of the visitors. They repeatedly emphasise how important it is – also for those who are not directly affected – that the topic of the exhibition is no longer “hushed up”. We thank all visitors for their touching and moving comments. They show us that our work is important.

From our visitors’ book...

...a nice and interesting exhibition.

for this successful exhibition! Touching & shocking words and destinies which, thanks to this interesting exhibition will no longer be "hushed up".

Berlin Protestant University of Applied Sciences – Social Work Program



Many thanks

of the pictures/stories!!!! Sad & incomprehensible what

was allowed to be done to people not so long ago!

No human dignity!



Gruesome sight

the niece of Leopol Rebhun, who died in Wittenau 01 June 1940.

I'm finding informations about his life and his death.

I am Miriam Rebhun